Painting is therapeutic for the soul

Come hang out in the studio with me while I paint & chat about life, acrylics, freedom & irritations.

Painting a different view

Watching a painting come together step by step is encouragement for you as the artist.

Whether you are currently painting or thinking it would be a nice diversion, outlet, expression, or simply a respite from a crazy world.

Watch (and listen) as Bob walks you through his brain and his process (not necessarily in that order).

Landscape painting series

Sunset Mountains

Mural Painting Series

Farm Scene: child’s nursery

Abstract Painting Series

Still Life Painting Series

Floral Arrangement

Art allows us to touch the universe yet never leave the planet. bright colored shapes evoke musical instruments and excitement

Through Art,

Bob shares his passion for nature and his experiences in life. From landscapes that resonate with peace and serenity to abstracts that mirror his deepest desires, unreal scenes that reveal society’s ills or the dark side of the moon – Bob Anderson paints them all.

Creative viewpoints produce art that empowers, encourages, and expresses the heart & soul. gnarly tree in foreground and trees ablaze with orange fall colors in the background frame a low curving bridge which spans a rock-lined creek

A glimpse into Bob Anderson’s world

Short clips & excerpts from the painting video series

I want my paintings to encourage people to explore their own creativity, without fear of creative failure. I need encouragement thatched roof English cottage peeks through an arbor of richly detailed flowers and tree branches