close up smiling blond man standing beside his painting

I paint to inspire

– Bob Anderson

Bob was born and raised in Ohio. Although his childhood was fun and adventurous at times, he developed a low sense of self esteem. Fortunately Bob's innate talent and love of expression through art offered a respite and hope.

Art classes at the Toledo Museum of Art and later in public high school, offered a platform for his talents.

At the age of twenty, Bob moved to Chicago to attend design school. It was in the Windy City that his journey of self discovery through the arts began.

Working in the fields of contract interior design, film making, and illustration developed his perspective as a creative professional, while writing and performing in his puppet shows allowed his inner joy to be set free.

I believe that our past pain empowers & ignites creative expression

Painting with a different view to turn pain to joy

Find your peace of mind

I create art that empowers, encourages & expresses

I paint surreal paintings to express my frustrations in life. brightly colored collage of fantastical elements representing the world from keys to bird cages to dripping skies

My art is here for anyone who needs it at any given time.

To refresh, to escape, to be encouraged & to remind you that you are not alone.

black outlined amoebic humanoid figure runs on a textured background

I paint my abstracts to reflect my inner energy, my emotions and the things going on inside of me.

humans and robots rendered fancifully sitting around a table
a giant mouth is disgorging a collage of caricatures and fantastical elements

And while I perceive and scrutinize viewpoints that are hidden from society’s mainstream,

& I grieve

gravestone of angel weeping with sun star shape in background

I also have hope

You might call me a Futurist who looks forward to the people of Earth realizing the brilliance, power & beauty of their souls.